Quick Specs

Maximum Bucket Capacity
3.1 m3
Maximum Engine Power
165 kW (221hp)
Maximum Operating Weight
17880 kg

Your business goals deserve a partner who can provide enhanced productivity while ensuring the continuous success of your business. The robust and hardy JCB 455ZX Wheeled Loader is a rugged and reliable machine which is built with state–of-the-art components to ensure high quality in its performance.

Equipped with the Advanced Telematics Technology – LiveLink, this machine relays vital and critical information about your machine. The 455 ZX Wheeled Loader is designed specifically to cope with the most demanding tasks paired for an uninterrupted and robust performance. With greater visibility, non-slip surfaces, air filtration and more, this machine is safest to operate on the work site.

The JCB 455ZX is a world-class, product which is another example of JCB’s One Global Quality standard. This machine has already been exported to many countries across the globe and is now available in Nepal.

The JCB 455ZX is innovatively designed to deliver enhanced productivity.

The limited slip differential is ideal for demanding conditions.

The Z-bar loader geometry facilitates enhanced penetration into the pile, as well as delivering high breakout forces, good roll-back angles and faster cycle time.

In addition, the Electronic Management System allows for a progressive clutch cut-off giving effective loader control while the powerful twin variable displacement piston pumps enhance multi function capabilities.


The manufacturing process has fully automated CNC machining to ensure totally accurate line boring.

The JCB painting process also ensures that the investment is protected.

At the design stage, all structures are subjected to Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and are then rig tested to ensure structural strength and durability.


The JCB 455ZX is powered by the JCB DIESELMAX 672 engine.

The 6 cylinder, 7.2 litre engine achieves high power (165kW) and peak torque (1000Nm) at low revs. It also utilises the latest EcoMAX lean-burn combustion technology to ensure reduced emissions and greater efficiency.


The JCB 455ZX offers more protection through JCB’s Livelink telematics system. Geo-fencing and GPS tracking enables the customer to determine the exact position of the machine whilst ensuring it is working within the allocated area.

The service reminder allows customers to plan when a service is to be carried out, which means that continuity of production, is carried out.

Livelink also features critical machine alerts, which warns the operator of low engine oil pressure, water and fuel, coolant temperature and transmission oil temperature.

The engine status function monitors engine running times and sends alerts when the machine is started and when it is switched off.


The JCB 455ZX gives best in class operator comfort.

The large cabin interior offers excellent entrance and egress and is whisper quiet.

The stylish, modern central dash display combines analogue dials and a colour LCD screen that displays the machine’s health status, service requirements and operating information.


JCB Premier Line Solutions offer an array of customizable, warranty support packages to support the customer’s specific business needs.

JCB’s 650+ dealer outlets are all staffed by fully trained service engineers whilst also offering unparalled availability of parts and lubricants, meaning that the JCB455ZX is up and working when it is needed.


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