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Be it real estate, infrastructure, hospitals, health centres, banks, educational institutions or commercial spaces, every segment requires an uninterrupted supply of power for their day-to-day functions. The CPCBII compliant JCB G63QI diesel generator is a turbocharged generator that produces less noise and has an extremely fuel efficient JCB ecoMAX engine. Compactly built to enable maximum space utilisation, this genset is capable of fitting into the tightest of spots in any environment.

Designed to meet your expectations and beyond in terms of performance, serviceability, strength, safety space utilisation and unrivalled aesthetics, the JCB G63QI genset is empowered by JCB’s world-class after-sales support to ensure a smooth functioning of your activities.

JCB ecoMAX, Turbocharged, 50 Hz at 1500 RPM, CPCBII compliant. Economically running costs with low noise.

Saves huge floor area being most compact in size in its class. Reduced machine footprint.

Internal fuel fill point for improved security with easy to access neck. Top venting hot air outlet. External and internal emergency stop buttons. Complete canopy and skid earthing.

Excellent corrosion & UV resistance. Better resistance to extreme conditions. Highly flexible and heavy duty robust structure.

Easy and safe access to engine, alternator, control panel, and internal wiring. Saves money to customer by saving the valuable servicing time.

JCB Generators are designed to work in ambient temperatures over 50 deg. Better than any competition, ensures its trouble free performance even in extreme environments.

Three stage filtration system including water separator protects your investment even in poorest conditions.

All regular checks can be carried out from one side of the engine ensuring safe & easy maintenance. External radiator filling, removable side panel for easy alternator access, end panel for radiator maintenance.

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