Quick Specs

Maximum Engine Power
34 kW (46hp)
Operating Capacity
612 kg
Operating Weight
2770 kg

The JCB Robot 135 Skid Steer Loader is a compact and condensed performer that is designed to work effectively. This Loader has the finest fuel efficiency, lowest maintenance cost and highest productivity among all Skid Steers in the country. Its unparalleled structure and great design helps the machine to function in tougher applications and work in extreme conditions.

Revolutionising the skid steer loader design, the JCB Robot 135 provides amazing visibility, safety, superior comfort, versatility, and complete operator access for an outstanding execution.

46 HP fuel efficient engine.

Designed to provide maximum performance with lowest fuel consumption.


Saves fuel worth Rs 3 lac in 3 years. Optimised hydraulics and transmission systems to improve fuel efficiency

Maximum return with lowest cost of maintenance. Comes with 1 year and 2000 hours waranty. 10% less maintenance cost-vs. nearest competitor. Low schedule maintenance frequency results in higher machine working hours.

20% better breakout forces to provide higher productivity & maximum output.

7% higher lift height vs. nearest competitor.

Overall 20 % more productive vs nearest competitor.


Unique side door entry with 3 emergency exit options available with Servo Isolator switch for operator safety. With the single design power boom, the operator has excellent visibility on the left and right side of the machine. ROPS & FOPS level-1 certified as the standard.

46% more cab volume & capacity vs. competition.

Best in class cabin with low effort servo controls & unmatched comfort making operators more productive all the times.

Single door entry ensuring easy entry & exit for any size operator.

Fully adjustable mechanical seat for better comfort. Low-effort servo controls.


Wide range of attachments for different jobs. 25 + attachments to choose from.

Large rear opening door provides exceptional access to engine area & all daily maintenance points Tilting cab design enables easy access for better servicing. Battery isolator for safer maintenance.

JCB Robot-135 Skid Steer Loaders Kathmandu
JCB Robot-135 Skid Steer Loaders Kathmandu
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